Our Story

Log bridgeNearly ten years ago, the founder of Geoknots.com found her first geocache with a group of friends and family while they were waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey to come out of the oven.  Since that time, Laurie has driven countless thousands of miles, paddled kayaks, waded across icy-cold streams, crawled through mud, pulled herself and her dog up the side of a cliff, been stalked by a cougar, and yes…lifted a few hundred lampskirts — all in search of one more geocache.

During that time, she figured out what she wanted to carry with her on the cache hunt, whether it was a stroll through a city park or a backcountry trek.  Some of it was improvised, some was adapted from existing gear available everywhere.  With the gear that she’s designed and hand-crafted, you too can own some great stuff to take along on your next cache hunt — made by geocachers, for geocachers.  It’s practical, strong, lightweight, functional, and looks sharp, too.  Check it out for yourself!