Long Line Leash


When you reach GZ, you need both hands free. Trying to hold your dog's leash while searching for a cache is frustrating for you and your dog — the leash usually ends up wrapped around a tree or your legs, and if you unleash your dog you risk him wandering off while you are busy searching.

The Long Line Leash is perfect for keeping your dog safe and happy. Simply clip one end of the cord to a nearby object or loop around a tree and clip onto the leash.

The Long Line Leash comes in a twenty foot (6 metre) length with a sturdy nickel-plated snap at each end and a mini stuff sack for easy storage — in your choice of six popular colors. In an emergency, this super-strong paracord can also be used for a variety of survival needs, including building temporary shelter, securing a load, improvising a tourniquet, and many more uses.

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