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Call ’em what you want — our Trekking Balls are an awesome accessory for your next caching trip or just a run to the store.  Customize in your choice of over 50 exciting colors and two different sizes.  Click here to check out the in-stock colors available for you to choose from!

Our regular size is a perfect addition to the TOTTs in your caching kit or daypack. Our most popular model, a chunky 1″ diameter steel ball is wrapped with paracord in your choice of color. The attached clip couples your trekking ball to a tightly-bundled 20-foot length of super-strong paracord.

Our micro-size, keychain model makes a perfect accessory for your keychain — a 3/4″ steel ball with ten feet of technical paracord (half the diameter and strength of standard paracord). Use the cord to secure a load on your car or tie the trunk down, mend a broken shoelace, or tie up a bundle of newspapers for recycling.

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Product Description

Need a way to lower a geocache down a steep embankment for a super-tricky hide? Use your cord to drop it down into place without leaving any trace you were there. Need a way to get a little boost up into a tree to retrieve one of those popular “tree climber” hides? Double the cord and use that, plus a friend’s assistance, to get up to that first handhold or limb to stand on. Of course, use at your own risk! You’ll find all sorts of uses for your paracord out on the trail — rigging a quick temporary shelter, repairing a broken pack strap, marking an unfamiliar trail, and more!

When you’re ready to rewind your cord, check out this helpful youtube video:  Fast Rope