What is Paracord?

Paracord … the hot trend in survival equipment these days.  Paracord is the slang term for parachute cord, first developed by the military as a strong, lightweight nylon cord used for parachute lines.  Today, it’s used for all sorts of outdoor, camping, and survival preparation applications.

OK. We all know everyone and his brother are making and selling paracord chat with live women survival bracelets these days.  And most of those sellers have a list of 50 things you can do to survive in the wild using your unraveled paracord bracelet.

Gator wrestlingBut frankly, how many geocachers are going to unravel a bracelet to keep a wild animal away from their friends who are searching for an elusive cache?

bunny snare I haven’t found a geocacher yet who’s been hungry enough to set up a paracord-rigged trap to catch a bunny for lunch, stuffed or otherwise.

ripped jeansAnd making emergency clothing repairs or flossing their teeth out on the trail???  No self-respecting geocacher would waste time on something like that when there’s another cache just ahead, waiting for a FTF.


So why buy a piece of GeoKnots.com gear?  It’s made for things that geocachers do, while they are out on the trail, hunting for geocaches.

Our Ultimate Lanyard system fits you, whether you’re tall or short, whether you like your GPS close to your chest or at your waist.  It comes with a full set of quality hardware for connecting whatever gear you want to carry.  It has a built-in emergency signalling whistle if you get separated from your team or if you want to let others know you’ve found a cache.

Our wristbands are comfortable, lightweight, and also include that handy emergency whistle built in to the quick-release buckle.

Use one of our Trekking Balls to sling a line over a tree branch or help give yourself or a teammate a boost up a slippery slope.  Speed up the time you spend logging a cache with our Ultimate Log Roller and Mini Pen, which clip onto the Ultimate Lanyard so they’re right at hand.  We’ve even thought of the geo-kids and geo-dogs too, with their own customized gear.  Check out what we’ve got to offer — you’ll see why geocachers prefer gear from GeoKnots.com.  It’s made by geocachers, for geocachers.